[Working] Trick To Send Big Files, Large Videos On WhatsApp

[Working] Trick To Send Big Files, Large Videos On WhatsApp
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WhatsApp is the most popular messenger across the globe. Apart from text messages, people also use this platform to share media files be it photos, audio files, or videos with their family and friends. However, people often find an issue on WhatsApp- how to send large files.

To be noted, WhatsApp has its limitation on file size, and the maximum size of the file that you can share via WhatsApp is 16 MB. In this post, we talk about working tricks to send big files and large videos on WhatsApp. 

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Send Big Files, Large Videos On WhatsApp

Because of the WhatsApp file size limit, you need some tricks to send the large video files. Here we are providing two alternatives that will help you to send video more than 16MB on WhatsApp.

1. Google Drive

The first and perhaps the best method that you can use is Google drive. Yes, you can upload and share large videos on WhatsApp using Google Drive link.

How to send big files with the help of Google Drive:

Step 1: Open the Google Drive on your phone and click on the ‘+’ icon on the home screen. It will show you some options and tap on ‘Upload‘.

Step 2: After this, your file will be uploaded on Google Drive. Now, tap on the three dot menu besides that file and aming options that will appear, select the ‘Copy Link‘ option.

Step 3: Now open WhatsApp and go to the chat of that person with whom you want to share the file. In the text field, paste the link and send.

The Google drive link will allow your contacts to see the file and even download it.

2. Video Compressor

You can also use a video compressor software to compress the video to the recommended size and then send it. The software will not only reduce the video size but also convert in all formats. Here we are using the ‘UniConverter‘ software for Windows.

How to Compress Video Size for WhatsApp:

Step 1: After installing, launch the software, and it will open the Convert tab by default.

Step 2: Click on the Add Files option or you can also drag and drop the file.

Step 3: Check for the Convert all files to option on the right-top corner and select your phone from the drop-down menu.

Or You can also choose the video format from the Video tab.

Step 4: Now click the Compress icon and choose file size, resolution, and bitrate to compress the video.

Step 5: Tap on the Convert All option at the bottom to finish the compression.

Lastly, find the compressed videos in the Converted tab, and transfer it to the phone to send via WhatsApp.

You can use any of the listed methods to share the files over the platform. Do let us know in the comments which of these methods work fine for you. Also, in case of any query, ask us in the comments below.

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