When will Honor phones get updated to Magic UI 3.0?

When will Honor phones get updated to Magic UI 3.0?
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Honor will shortly be rolling out new software updates, but which handsets are due to receive them? We’ve got the full list here for your information.

Honor has revealed that the following smartphones will receive the update to Magic UI 3.0 this week:

The brand has also confirmed that the following devices are currently undergoing testing and development for the software, so we expect to see it rolled out to them soon:

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Magic 3.0 is the latest user interface that will be overlaid on the Android 10 operating system; its equivalent for Huawei smartphones is known as EMUI 10 which was shown off in the below video:

The new interface should bring with it a couple of exciting new changes, including Ergonomic Dark Mode if you want a more muted colour palette consisting of black and grey shades, and Multi-Screen Collaboration which would allow you to control your device via a Huawei or Honor PC.

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The latest device released by the brand was the Honor 9X Pro, which as you can see from the list above is still yet to receive the Magic UI 3.0 upgrade. This smartphone was first unveiled on February 24, and in our brief hands-on time it impressed us with its subtle but distinctive design, and the internal specifications were equally impressive, including a 4000 mAh battery, a Kirin 810 chipset, and 8GB of RAM. We’re intrigued to test the performance of its triple camera, whoich is headlined by a 48-megapixel main sensor.

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But the principal problem of that device, and with all those forthcoming from Honor or its parent brand Huawei, is due to software – albeit not EMUI 10. The real issue is that the so-called Huawei Android Ban prevents the brand from integrated Google Mobile Services onto its smartphones, meaning that they will lack the Google Play Store and all associated apps.

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