What’s New on VOD for May 2020

What’s New on VOD for May 2020
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We’re deep into a global cinema economy that has been forced to find its place in video-on-demand and streaming cubbies across the internet. Every day there’s another announcement about a rescheduled movie release, whether it’s a studio tentpole that’s been pushed back a year, an arthouse film that’s still weighing its options, or Judd Apatow’s latest, The King of Staten Island announcing it would skip theaters and take its chances on a digital premiere.

With everyone holed up in their homes, paid video-on-demand (PVOD) has quickly become the most promising option for any new movie trying to make a wave. As a result, the typical fare is heavily supplemented, and May is one of the heartiest months for PVOD in a while. Compare 52 releases this month to last month’s 36.

It’s a strange, emotional, and unpredictable time to be alive, and that extends to movie release schedules as prominently as anything else. Below, you’ll find the list of films hitting VOD in May, but first, here are a few highlights:

Virtual Cinema

Theatrical releases that have since pivoted to PVOD releases have been coined “virtual cinema” by marketers and distributors. There were a couple of weeks when it seemed like every theatrical release would be pushed, but after Trolls World Tour raked in over $100 million online alone (and starting an industry war in the process), more productions have decided to take their chances going straight to VOD and distinguishing themselves through pricier rentals.

Among the many virtual cinema releases in May are the animated Scooby-Doo feature Scoob! (May 15th), the SXSW hopeful Bull (May 1st), which was originally slated for a limited theatrical release immediately after the festival, and the highly anticipated crime drama Capone (May 12th), in which Tom Hardy takes on the role of the infamous American gangster Al Capone. Plus, Neon’s got some innovative plans for its two new documentaries, Spaceship Earth (May 8th) and The Painter and The Thief (May 22nd).

Cannes Boundary Pushers

The 2019 Cannes Film Festival was chockablock with films that made audiences feel uncomfortable. But, that’s nothing new for Cannes. Every year, the Croisette welcomes vulgar and controversial expressions of cinema that are exquisitely crafted. But it’s less common that two of them land on the American public’s radar in a single month. And outside of the context of Cannes, they’re sure to shock you. Liberté (May 1st) displays wild sexual deviance through the rejection of 18th century French morality by a group of libertines, and Deerskin (May 1st) follows a man who gives everything up for the sake of his new jacket, only to find himself in a dilly of a pickle drenched in absurdity and violence.

The Lodge

Lastly, no matter what stands out to you on the list below, make sure you save enough of your digital dollars to rent Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala’s 2019 Sundance horror hit, The Lodge (May 5th). The aunt-nephew filmmaking duo has an unparalleled knack for realist horror that leaves you questioning the presence of the supernatural around every corner. Not to mention, the first twenty minutes contains one of the most incredibly shocking moments in cinema in recent memory. The screams at the Sundance premiere remain the loudest I’ve heard in a movie theater.

May 1 5G Zombies Horror
May 1 Bull Drama
May 1 Deerskin Comedy
May 1 Liberté Drama
May 1 Our Mothers Drama
May 1 Tammy’s Always Dying Drama
May 1 The Flood Drama
May 1 The Infiltrators Documentary
May 1 The Wretched Horror
May 5 Accommodations Comedy
May 5 Arkansas Thriller
May 5 Cry for the Bad Man Horror
May 5 Cry Havoc Horror
May 5 Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Animation
May 5 Mother’s Little Helpers Comedy
May 5 Ordinary Love Romance
May 5 The Lodge Horror
May 5 Working Man Drama
May 7 Driveways Drama
May 8 A Good Woman Is Hard to Find Crime
May 8 Clementine Drama
May 8 Hope Gap Romance
May 8 How to Build a Girl Comedy
May 8 Intrigo: Dear Agnes Drama
May 8 Porno Comedy
May 8 Rewind Documentary
May 8 Valley Girl Romance
May 8 Walkaway Joe Action
May 8 Spaceship Earth Documentary
May 12 A Nun’s Curse Horror
May 12 Capone Crime
May 12 Evil Little Things Horror
May 12 Fantasy Island Horror
May 12 Finding Eden Thriller
May 12 Graves Without a Name Documentary
May 12 The Traitor Crime
May 15 Blood and Money Thriller
May 15 Inheritance Thriller
May 15 Scoob! Adventure
May 19 Buffaloed Comedy
May 19 Chameleon Crime
May 19 Last Moment of Clarity Thriller
May 19 Ovid and the Art of Love Drama
May 19 Promare Animation
May 22 Man in Camo Documentary
May 22 Survive the Night Action
May 22 The Haunted Horror
May 22 The Trip to Greece Comedy
May 22 Villain Crime
May 22 The Painter and the Thief Documentary
May 26 Girls Just Want to Have Blood Horror
May 29 Debt Collectors Action

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