What does the iPhone 12 look like?

What does the iPhone 12 look like?
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Apple’s fabled iPhone 12 is expected to be a huge upgrade that’ll redefine the firm’s mobile offering.

Rumours suggest it’ll bring everything from 5G connectivity to a super fast Galaxy S20-like 120Hz screen to the show. While this is awesome, the wealth of rumours have led many to wonder:

What will the iPhone 12 look like?

The iPhone 12’s not out yet, so it’s impossible to 100 percent answer that question. But to help give you a rough idea we’ve created a bunch of renders based on the latest, and most legitimate looking rumours.

As you can see the phone has a dinky bezel but retains a visible, and slightly chunky notch housing for the front camera. This is because, according to reports, Apple’s only looking to ditch the notch on its more expensive 2020 flagship, the fabled iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The phone also has a more angular design than Apple’s previous iPhone 11 line, that’s more akin to the classic iPhone 5.

The biggest changes are expected to appear round back, however. Most rumblings suggest it’ll have a completely redesigned rear camera set-up. There are conflicting reports about what specific sensors will be used though, so we likely won’t know its specific specs until the iPhone 12’s launch later this year.

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The iPhone 12 is one of many new phones expected to arrive before the end of the year. Google is expected to launch a new Pixel 4a line of affordable phones in the very near future. The company’s then expected to then follow them up with its new flagship Pixel 5 family of phones towards the end of the year.

Rumours suggest that both lines will have radically different specs, with the 4a being a stripped down, more affordable version of last year’s Pixel 4 phones. The Pixel 5 is expected to be a bigger upgrade, featuring completely new hardware and software.

Samsung is also expected to unveil its new Galaxy Note 20 line of phones around September. The update is expected to be a refresh rather than a re-imagining of Samsung’s phablet line that brings a number of Galaxy S20 features to the Note family.

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