We'll probably get a OnePlus 8 Lite – but not until the summer

We'll probably get a OnePlus 8 Lite – but not until the summer
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According to reliable tipster OnLeaks, the OnePlus 8 series was originally meant to launch with a cheaper option alongside the other models, but Covid-19 related delays have pushed back the model’s production.

In a very brief Twitter exchange, OnLeaks said that one of his sources had confirmed a Lite version of the new OnePlus series is incoming, but not to expect its grand reveal for a while.

At the earliest, we might see a cheaper version of the phone in summer, but you shouldn’t hold your breath.

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The OnePlus 8 has only been out in the wild for a few days, so it’s perhaps a little cheeky to immediately ask if there’s a cheaper version on the horizon. But there’s been a lot of noise about the specs on the new series, in particular the high screen refresh rates, so it’s understandable if people are hoping for an inexpensive way to get their hands on a model.

If OnePlus did release a ‘Lite’ version of the new series, it would actually be a break from the company’s previous traditions. It tends to release one pair of phones at a time and then follow this up with a slightly improved version of the same models. This is what happened with the OnePlus 7 last year and the OnePlus 6 series before it.

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But given that this new series is retailing for a little more than previous handsets, with the lowest price starting at £599, it would make sense for the company to have a new offering that would sit around the £400 mark to compete with the likes of the iPhone SE 2.

It would also be a return to form for the company, given that it started out making high-end smartphones that retailed for £229.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about a rumoured ‘Lite’ version of the new series. Back in December, there were whispers that a budget model was in the works, which would have a stripped-back camera offering. But as OnePlus hasn’t commented on the rumours, it’s impossible to know whether or not the Lite is incoming, and what features might be downgraded for the lower-cost option.

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