Urgent Need Of India Specific Strategy To Combat COVID-19: Rahul Gandhi

Urgent Need Of India Specific Strategy To Combat COVID-19: Rahul Gandhi
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Rahul Gandhi Contacted The Party To Serve As A Guard Dog And Ensure That One Of The Most Susceptible And The Poor Are Safeguarded Thoroughly.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi (Image Credit: IANS)

New Delhi:

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday stated that there is an urgent need for an India- specific strategy to combat the coronavirus break out, which has actually been stated pandemic. Gandhi likewise asserted that the nation should get ready for“economic devastation” He stated this while speaking at the Congress Working Committee (CWC) conference. The conference was gone to by party chief Sonia Gandhi, former prime minister Manmohan Singh and other senior leaders went over the health crisis through video-conferencing.

“At the Congress CWC meeting today, I emphasised the urgent need to devise an India specific strategy to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and for Congress workers and leaders to help soften the blow by assisting the poor and the most vulnerable sections of our society in every possible way,” Rahul Gandhi tweeted after the conference.

“COVID-19 particularly attacks aged persons, people with lung disease, diabetics, persons with heart diseases, making them the most vulnerable,” the former Congress chief was estimated as by Congress chief representative, Randeep Surjewala.

“All state governments need to issue a special advisory for these categories and take care,” Rahul Gandhi stated at the conference.

“We have looked at COVID-19 for two months since February and have spoken to experts. No country in the world has attempted a lockdown with huge migrant labour without arranging for their stay, food and ration and pushing them back home,” he stated in an obvious attack on the federal government.

Rahul Gandhi contacted the party to serve as a guard dog and ensure that the most susceptible and the bad are safeguarded thoroughly.

“India has to fight COVID-19 with an India-specific strategy and consultation. India needs to prepare for the economic devastation,” he was estimated as stating.

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First Released: 02 Apr 2020, 11: 22: 29 PM

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