Twelve South Curve Riser iMac stand has a ventilated design

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Twelve South Curve Riser MacBook metal stand

If you work on your laptop every day, you may be looking for a riser to elevate your device for improved comfort. The¬†Twelve South Curve Riser MacBook metal stand makes a great purchase. It features a ventilated design for improved airflow on your MacBook. This device’s sleek, fixed height allows you to elevate your iMac or iMac Pro to prevent craning your neck while looking at the screen. Therefore, you can move it to a comfortable viewing height to suit you. Also, the Twelve South Curve Riser comes equipped with integrated shelf store hubs, a hard drive, and space for your work essentials. Finally, this workspace gadget keeps your desk less cluttered and provides a more streamlined, organized environment for productivity.

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