Toyota and Securitize Say They Have Developed a Blockchain ID Platform

Toyota and Securitize Say They Have Developed a Blockchain ID Platform
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Car Manufacturer Toyota appears eager to broaden the scope of its blockchain operations– with a brand-new individual ID and vehicle ID platform now totally evaluated and possibly all set for rollout.

In April in 2015, the Toyota Group, which likewise makes up financial services and R&D endeavors, released a cross-group Toyota Blockchain Laboratory.

In a press release, Tokyo-based blockchain start-up BUIDL, an affiliate of American security token platform Securitize, specified that it had actually effectively finished screening on the brand-new platform– in combination with the abovementioned Toyota Blockchain Laboratory.

The start-up, which is owned by security token platform Securitize, states the individual ID platform might be utilized by business entities such as the Toyota Group itself to handle points and worker advantages, in addition to digital certificate issuance.

The vehicle ID platform, on the other hand, might be utilized to handle vehicle registration, upkeep records, ownership records and more.

Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings— now a significant gamer in the crypto world– made a concealed “seven-figure” financial investment in Securitize in November in 2015, a month prior to the latter gotten BUIDL.

BUIDL was developed in 2018, and states that it “supports several security token projects across Japan, having consistently grown its revenues and commanded a large market share since inception,” per a news release formerly shown

Toyota, on the other hand, has actually revealed a substantial desire to pursue blockchain-related business designs. The business has actually formerly specified that its usage of blockchain technology in fraud-reducing digital ad-buying tools has actually seen it increase its website traffic by 21%.

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