This Week Brings the Second New Moon in a Month—Here’s why That Matters

This Week Brings the Second New Moon in a Month—Here’s why That Matters
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The week begins with a new moon in Cancer on Monday, July 20th. This is the second new moon in Cancer in a row. Usually, new moons are a time to call in fresh starts. However, unlike the last new moon in Cancer, which doubled as a solar eclipse at zero degrees, this particular new moon is less about new beginnings than it is about bringing things to an end. Taking place at 28 degrees in the sign of the crab, it invites you to let go of what’s not working in your home life, intimate partnerships, as well as examine any other dynamic that contributes to your sense of safety and security in the world.

At 1:32 p.m., ET, on Monday, the moon will align at the same degree as the sun. When the sun and moon align at the time of the new moon or full moon, the combined gravitational impact of their pull amplifies, causing spring tides in the ocean. Because of this, the ocean’s tides are more powerful than during the waxing or waning moon phases.

New moons begin a new syndonic lunar cycle, the four-phase process between new moons, which includes the new moon phase, the waxing phase, the full moon, and waning phase. Each section of the moon’s phases has a different impact on the Earth and the creatures that inhabit it (including humans) due to the changing impact of light at night.

When the moon is new, there’s no moon in the night sky, making the new moon phase a time to reflect, sleep and become more introspective. As the moon waxes (as it will during the week ahead), the increasing light at night illuminates previously hidden aspects of its shadows for us to see. This is a time to take action on what you wish to bring to fruition.

This new moon in Cancer is the perfect time to surrender what you no longer need and set intentions for concluding things in relation to your home life.

Cancer, a cardinal water sign, relates to home, family, security, and mood. Since there are only 30 degrees in any sign, a new moon at the end of a sign (like this current new moon in Cancer) is about endings, not beginnings. Therefore, this new moon is the perfect time to surrender what you no longer need and set intentions for concluding things in relation to your home life. Look at dynamics in your family, how secure you feel, and what’s hindering your growth. This new moon commences a cycle of completion—use it to your advantage.

To support you with this, at the time of the new moon, Saturn, the planet of discipline and structure, opposes the sun/moon conjunction, illuminating what needs to go. Pay close attention to what’s happening as the week begins, and honor Saturn’s role. Saturn is retrograde in the final degrees of Capricorn, bringing to light what’s coming to an end, and encouraging surrender.

Meanwhile, Mercury, also in Cancer, squares Chiron in Aries. This aspect helps you to own your healing. Chiron, the wounded healer, invites you to stand in your maturity and see how your healing journey, however painful it may feel, is calling you into a deeper state of compassion for yourself, the world, and those you are closest to.

On the 22nd, Mercury makes a much more exciting aspect to Uranus, a sextile. Mercury’s sextile to Uranus invites fresh thinking and inspired action. At the same time, the sun shifts into Leo, a fixed fire sign that promises a more upbeat tone than Cancer. As the moon begins to wax while traveling in Leo, the sun’s shift into the sign of the lion ignites your fire to stand tall with an open, playful heart. Mercury’s sextile to Uranus and the sun and moon’s journey into Leo means that Wednesday heralds a start of a new chapter, and a more playful, spirited vibe.

The rest of the week is quiet from an astrological perspective. Use it to get clear on what’s ending and let it go, peacefully. Stay positive. You can get so much done from Wednesday through the start of next week. Get outside, under the moonlight, and watch the moon incrementally grow each day.

Similarly, look at your own life and acknowledge your growth. You are changing, evolving toward a more integrated and potent version of yourself. Your cosmic curriculum asks you to let go of younger thinking and accept a more mature version of yourself. Cooperating with these cycles allows you to feel more ease—something I am sure is much appreciated. Synching with the cosmos helps to expedite healing, growth, and a wee-bit of fun, too—something we all need, especially during these daunting times.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women’s health—which she uses to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. Pre-order her book, Cosmic Health (January 2021), here.

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