THIS Clinically Proven Ingredient Can Help You Lose Weight Naturally

THIS Clinically Proven Ingredient Can Help You Lose Weight Naturally
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With so many weight loss products in the market these days, it’s no surprise you’ll wonder which product will bring the fastest and most effective results. Well, you’ve come to the right place to seek your answer! 

At SkinnyMint, we know only too much about effective weight loss supplements and hacks, and it’s our mission to make it as easy as possible for you. Find out how this ONE specific natural weight loss ingredient we have specially formulated into our brand new product can help you achieve the results you desire. 

Hint: It comes from a plant, contains little to no calories and it makes you feel fuller after consuming less than you usually do. Sounds too good to be true? We’re telling you, this ingredient does exist.

The Powerhouse Ingredient: Glucomannan

Glucomannan, the new “it” in the health and weight loss market, is a water-soluble dietary fiber that’s extracted from the roots of the Southeast Asian elephant yam. Otherwise known as “konjac root”, this natural herb is native to Asia and has been used as a natural food ingredient and medicinal herb, which treated illnesses from asthma to tumours for over 1,500 years!

This fiber is highly absorbent; in fact one of the most water-soluble fibers around. Though soluble fibers have been known for weight-loss-inducing properties, what makes Glucomannan different is how it is known to be the only one that’s clinically proven to be best at this job.

 Here’s why Glucomannan Does the Trick for Fast Weight-loss

Expanding and absorbing up to 50 times its weight when bound with water, Glucomannan is highly absorbent and contains barely any calories (a mere 30 per 100g). As such, adding this super fiber into your diet fills your stomach and promotes a feeling of fullness without the unwanted calories.

What’s more, being an all natural dietary fiber, it feeds your friendly gut bacteria, which produces chemicals that curbs hunger pangs, slows down sugar absorption and even lowers blood sugar levels after meals — this means bye to cravings and hello to better eating habits!

Super Lean Shots & Glucomannan

Knowing the benefits of this clinically-proven weight loss ingredient, SkinnyMint took a spin on this by creating 3 simple, yummy and tasty weight loss shots, to help babes like you curb those pesky cravings and effectively achieve your weight loss goals! 

At just 4 calories per sachet, taken 3 times a day before each meal, Super Lean Shots is not only effective in helping you keep the pounds off, but also quick and easy to be incorporated into your daily routine!

Here’s an added bonus — It’s combined with a unique blend of vitamins & minerals, such as biotin, zinc and magnesium to boost your immunity and help you achieve a healthy glow on your hair, nails and skin. 

All you need to do is mix each sachet into ¼ cup of cold water and drink up! To ensure the shot digests well, don’t forget to follow your shot with a glass of water as well! 

Whoever said weight loss is hard certainly hasn’t discovered these natural weight loss shots. All it takes is 10 days to see a change — Are you ready to kickstart your life in the body you’ve always dreamed of? There’s no better time than now, babe!

Check out reviews by our SkinnyMint babes who have been loving this new product! Trust us (and the babes who have tried it), you’re not gonna regret giving this a shot.

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