The Vivo X50 flagship range packs a gimbal-like camera – and it's seriously thin

The Vivo X50 flagship range packs a gimbal-like camera – and it's seriously thin
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Image: Vivo

Vivo’s latest flagship line will be called the Vivo X50, the company announced today. The X50, X50 Pro and X50 Pro+ will feature professional-grade camera technology that Vivo claims will “revolutionize the mobile photography experience”.

The X50 range will feature cameras with night mode, zoom, portrait mode and – in the case of the Pro – impressive-sounding image stabilisation.

The X50 Pro will be kitted out with a tiny Gimbal Camera System to reduce shakiness in images, even at night. The gimbal is modelled after a full-size gimbal (but also sort of modelled after an eye). This means the module will move in the opposite direction of shaking motions to counteract them and offer stability to the user, in the same way that a larger gimbal would.

The X50 Pro will even include an animated ball – or Gimbal Radar –that will copy the gimbal’s movements onscreen and let the user know when the image is stable enough to take a picture. Images and videos will also benefit from Vivo’s motion-deblur algorithm, custom sensors and continuous focus tracking.

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The standard X50 model will feature Super Night Mode and Astro Mode, inviting users to shoot stunning city and country scenes at night. The Super Wide-Angle and Super Macro functions will also allow users to take a variety of photos, while Portrait Mode allows your subject to stand out from their background.

Image: Vivo

Along with its impressive camera capabilities, the X50 lineup also features flagship-level performance.

The device will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset, while the X55 5G modem will allow users to take advantage of the fast next-gen connectivity. The X50 Pro+ is set to offer computer speed and smooth multitasking capabilities and the series will be equipped with a fast refresh rate display, making scrolling through apps a seamless experience.

The handset also looks to be super-thin at just 7.49mm thick. The display should offer vivid colours with HDR 10+ support.

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“Guided by vivo’s deep insights into consumer needs, and underpinned by our advanced technology, we crafted the X50 series to provide a professional photography experience to our users. The X50 series’ stable shooting capabilities, outstanding lenses and sensors, and overall advanced camera system allow users to capture all of life’s stories with professional quality”, said Vivo Senior VP Spark Ni.

“As the first X series products that will be made available to international markets, we are excited to share the best of our innovative technology and design concepts with people around the world”.

Image: Vivo

Vivo has also announced a new pair of headphones – the TWS Earphone Neo. The true wireless earbuds will feature a 14.2mm ultra-large driver unit for powerful sound, as well as a bio-fiber composite diaphragm for more detail in audio. The TWS Earphone Neo are also set to include AI noise cancellation for clear phone calls and voice controls.

The Bluetooth 5.2 earbuds will be powered by Qualcomm’s 4th Generation TWS platform, offering low latency, high precision and stable listening.

Vivo has yet to reveal any prices or release dates but we will update this piece with any news.

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