The nifty official Pixel 4a case protects more than just your phone

The nifty official Pixel 4a case protects more than just your phone
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Pixel 4a case

Google finally unveiled the Pixel 4a today and if you’re planning to snap one up, you’re going to need a little protection too.

Google, as is custom, has unveiled its own case for the Pixel 4a smartphone, which is a great option for those seeking to protect the environment, and their health, as vehemently as their trusty Android handset.

Google says the knitted material is made from 70% recycled material, including recycled plastic water bottles. In fact just two bottles provide enough plastic for five cases. The case is also  machine washable meaning you’ll be able to get rid of the nasty germs (and potentially deadly viruses) that may make their from your hands to your case.

That’s likely to take its toll on the case eventually, but the nature of the design means it’ll maintain a little style as it gets more rough around the edges.

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As for protecting your phone? Well Google says it has “raised edges and a microfiber lining help keep your phone safe from scratches.”

The case can be pre-ordered now in confetti blue, basically black and static grey.

The Pixel 4a itself is already winning plaudits for its sharp OLED screen and refreshingly small (5.8-inches) form factor. Our reviewer loved the flagship-level camera on a mid-range phone. We’re assuming the case will ship with the phone, which launches in August in the US but won’t be available in the UK until October.

The £349 phone, which offers a Snapdragon 730 processor and 3,5mm audio out, promises three years of major Android updates meaning you’re pretty much future-proofed.

Our reviewer wrote: “If you’re after a small, affordable Android phone (£349/$349) with a nice screen, future proof software that’ll receive big updates for the next three years and a fantastically reliable camera then you’re not going to be disappointed with the Pixel 4a.”

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