The new Moto Razr variable is so stylish you'll blush gold

The new Moto Razr variable is so stylish you'll blush gold
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It takes a certain type of tech head to buy the stylish, but deeply-flawed Moto Razr foldable. Let’s just say our money’s on Bob Mortimer’s Train Guy having one, for starters.

However, if you’re going to go for one, you might as well go all-out right? Which is why Moto’s blush gold edition is likely to get pulses racing among style-over-function smartphone lovers with money to burn.

The handset took to the catwalk at New York Fashion Week earlier this month, with Moto calling it a “fresh variant on the pink and gold we’ve loved through the years.”

From the Big Apple to Blighty, the blush gold Razr is now available to buy in the UK for the princely (or princessly) sum of £1,499.99, exclusive to EE.

“Eye-catching but understated, the Blush Gold colour is reflective of a new generation of consumers who appreciate being playful and one-of-a-kind, while staying true to the device’s sleek and refined roots,” the company adds.

If that’s YOU, head over to Motorola to get yourself acquainted with the fashionista pick of the year.

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The Razr itself, wowed us with its looks and take on the foldable display sector, but disappointed many reviewers as soon as they got their paws on the handset. The foldable 6.2-inch display offered a pocket-friendly experience, but just required too many sacrifices, according to many.

In his hands-on with the device, our own Max Parker felt the device may have very limited appeal as a first-gen product. The cameras and battery life also left a lot to be desired.

In the Razr’s favour, he did add: “What I can say with confidence is that this is a gorgeous, fantastically well-built smartphone that feels a lot more complete than the Galaxy Fold. The way the display folds without leaving a huge crease on the display is a massive plus for me.”

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