The LG Velvet could land as an affordable 5G phone

The LG Velvet could land as an affordable 5G phone
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LG has teased the design of its next phone, revealing a cascading camera on the back of a super-skinny handset. 

At just 35 seconds long, the video doesn’t give much away, but it does confirm that the new phone, called the LG Velvet, will come with 5G and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765 processor.

This is a slight step down from the Snapdragon 865 found in LG’s new V60 phone, but we’d expect to see a price drop to reflect that.

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For reference, the V60 ThinQ currently retails at $899 – if the Velvet phone is even cheaper we could be looking at a very reasonably-priced 5G handset.

LG has been hyping up the ‘raindrop’ camera on the phone for a while, boasting about the nature-inspired design and how the phone’s form factor apparently differs to industry trends.

While it’s true that the design is quite visually-striking, there’s still the usual bump on the main camera here. And it’s unlikely that there will be any big advantage to this layout, apart from aesthetics.

There aren’t many details on the size of the handset, but mid-way through the video the words “Slim & Sleek” are plastered across the screen, so it’s likely that we’re looking at something that’s skinny enough to jam in your front pocket.

Speaking of skinny, the bezels running around the screen look impressively thin, and there’s a small teardrop selfie-cam at the top of the phone.

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Audiophiles will be pleased to see that the new blower still comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack, which is great for anyone still shunning wireless pods.

Although LG prides itself on making phones with superior-audio capabilities, the company’s really tooting its horn about the looks on this new line. The model comes in red, black, green or white, with a pearlescent finish that acts like velvet, catching and augmenting the light.

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