The iPhone 12 won't have USB-C – and there's a surprise coming on the iPhone 13

The iPhone 12 won't have USB-C – and there's a surprise coming on the iPhone 13
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A new rumour suggests that we won’t be rid of the Lightning port anytime soon, as the upcoming iPhone 12 will still use Apple’s old charger. But that could all change with the arrival of the iPhone 13. 

The rumour comes courtesy of Twitter user Fudge (@choco_bit) and hasn’t been confirmed by Apple.

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According to the tipster, the company toyed with the idea of building the next model with a USB-C charger and even made prototypes of the model, but sadly that design isn’t making it to the production stage.

And we probably won’t see a USB-C charger on the iPhone 13, either. Instead, the same tipster speculates that the model with arrive with a mix of wireless charging capabilities and a Smart Connector (likely similar to the one on the iPad Pro), but the latter will mostly be used as a way to transfer data. Your wireless charging will be doing the bulk of the battery work.

Apple has come under fire recently for its stubborn refusal to ditch the lightning cable, mostly from the European Parliament. In January, the EU voted overwhelmingly in favour of drafting legislation that would force all phone manufacturers to adopt a universal charging cable.

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Apple, of course, didn’t agree. Despite the EU stating that enforcing a universal standard could stop 50,000 tonnes of electrical waste from being produced, Apple stated that the move could somehow create an “unprecedented” volume of electronic waste and stifle future creativity.

The move to wireless charging could side-step this kerfuffle, as the EU has said that this method could also mitigate unnecessary waste. So the rumoured iPhone 13 design would be a  rule-abiding middle finger to the regulations.

Apple may still surprise us and bring out an iPhone 12 with the USB-C style charger. It would certainly make sense, in light of the current EU debate. Unfortunately, it’s likely that we won’t see the iPhone 12 until September, so we still have a while before we can confirm any of this.


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