The iPhone 12 could be just as powerful as an iPad Pro

The iPhone 12 could be just as powerful as an iPad Pro
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The iPhone 12’s new CPU will be just as powerful as the one seen in Apple’s top-spec iPad, which would be great news for gamers, according to a fresh report.

Geekbench scores have been uncovered which supposedly record the performance of Apple’s latest mobile chip, the A14. This is the one that the iPhone 12 is expected to run on, and the early signs are very encouraging – see the below scores which compare the alleged new Apple chipset next to the A12X, which features on the latest iPad Pro.

Geebench Scores: A12x (left) vs “A14” (right)

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We were very impressed with the performance delivered by the iPad Pro, describing it as “the most powerful tablet we’ve ever reviewed… comfortably beat[ing] the best smartphones out there for performance.”

It can handle very intensive tasks such as photo editing and 4K video editing without any serious lag or slowdown, so we’d look forward to seeing a similarly impressive performance coming from Apple’s next smartphone, as that would be good news for demanding users such as mobile gamers.

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This is far from the first substantive rumour we’ve come across regarding the iPhone 12. Slated to be released in September 2020 (providing that the coronavirus outbreak does not cause significant delays to production), the device is expected to be the first in the series to boast 5G connectivity, which will let it offer radically faster mobile data speeds.

Beyond that, there are rumours that this next entry in the series will have a significantly smaller notch in the screen, which could measure as large as 6.7-inches. But if you can’t wait for the iPhone 12 then there’s potentially some good news for you as the iPhone 9 could be released earlier in the year as a cheaper alternative, though it’s likely to run on the A13 chip found on the iPhone 11 Pro rather than the new A14 chip.

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