The Huawei P40 is incoming – and it’s packing an even bigger camera

The Huawei P40 is incoming – and it’s packing an even bigger camera
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Huawei has just plastered a mysterious teaser-banner at the top of its landing page, which confirms that the new P40 series will offer #VisionaryPhotography.

The P30 was already a big hitter in the world of smartphone cameras, but it looks like its successor is going to up the game – at least according to that proposed hashtag, above. We don’t have many more confirmed details from the company yet, but we do know that the phone is going to have it grand unveiling on March 26.

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That unveiling was originally going to happen in the French capital, according to previous statements from the company. Back in late February, at the end of a press conference, Huawei CEO Richard Yu said: “Next month, in Paris on March 26 we will launch the world’s most powerful 5G flagship smartphone: Huawei P40 series.” However, this tweet (which you can see below) mentions an online launch so it looks like that actual event might have been scrapped.

When we reviewed the P30 pro last year, we were so impressed with its picture-taking ability that we named it camera phone of the year. But – and it’s a big but – that phone did come with Google services, which won’t be available on the new P40. As such, it’s going to be a much harder sell for Huawei.

Other details on the phone are scarce at the moment. It’s confirmed that the new series will run on Android 10, with a Huawei-built EMUI skin. We don’t know the specifics on that camera offering, but there are rumours that the phone will pack a 10x optical telephoto zoom, which would match up with Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra (via Chinese source MyDrivers.)

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The most intriguing little titbit about the phone is the supposed prices – according to tipster RODENT950, Huawei has planned to significantly drop its prices to the below:

Huawei P40 – €600 (~£508)
Huawei P40 Pro – €800 (~£677)
Huawei P40 Pro Premium – €1000 (~£846)

Although this isn’t confirmed, those price tags definitely make the Google-free phones look a little more attractive.

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