The full moon in Libra this week asks you to embrace our collective new normal

The full moon in Libra this week asks you to embrace our collective new normal
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As we navigate Aries season, a time of rebirth, and we continue to confront pain associated with the coronavirus pandemic, it’s so important to embrace hope. Hope means to accept life exactly as it is, without sugarcoating reality, and simultaneously doing whatever you can to improve conditions even slightly.

Incremental changes can help us significantly now. Taking action to make your life even a single percent healthier or otherwise better keeps momentum flowing in a positive direction during intense times of challenge. So don’t underestimate the importance of the subtle ways you are showing up for yourself and others right now. Thankfully, with Venus, the planet of love and beauty, now in Gemini, we have the opportunity to redefine what community means and how to come together spiritually rather than physically during an epoch of social distancing.

As I mentioned last week, because of Venus’s upcoming retrograde (from May 13 until June 25), she will stay in Gemini for almost four months (until August 7, 2020), which is much longer than usual.⁠ Gemini rules communication, short-distance travel, and networking, so we can expect the next few months to support us in re-creating our sense of connection with one another as we navigate life in this new normal.⁠

As we embrace this moment of learning to connect, love, and relate at a distance, it’s so important to remind ourselves that in the darkest of times, we still have agency: With last week’s Mars-Saturn conjunction and Pluto-Jupiter conjunction in our wake, the intensity of these transits looms. Jupiter and Pluto’s current conjunction—while indicative of the COVID-19 crisis getting worse before it gets better—encourages us to dig for the buried treasure inside our own hearts. To support you with that, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who are you becoming as you live through this crisis⁠?
  2. How are you becoming more grateful and compassionate?
  3. What are you realizing you’re capable of?⁠
  4. Who can you forgive? What resentment can you release?
  5. What did you previously take for granted that you are now keenly aware of as a gift?

What to expect from the full moon in Libra

The full moon in Libra this week happens on April 7 at 19 degrees, opposite the sun in Aries, and asks us to embrace compassion and justice as a path toward healing. The Aries archetype focuses on our identity, whereas Libra, its opposite, shines a light on who we are within our relationships, bringing the “me versus we” axis into focus. This, again, brings back attention to how we can maintain and deepen relationships (Libra) during a time of social distancing (Aries), our new but temporary normal.

The full moon in Libra asks us to embrace compassion and justice as a path toward healing.

Only hours before the full moon in Libra peaks, Mars makes a harsh square to Uranus. Remember, Mars is the planet of aggression, and Uranus is the planet of revolution. So, this aspect could feel intense, especially if you’ve been feeling cooped up and constrained. The urge to push back against authority could be heightened.

But here’s the deal: Mars is in Aquarius, the sign of revolution, and is ruled by Uranus in Taurus. Since Venus rules Taurus, we have to look to Venus for a solution here, and she’s in Gemini, sorting how we are going to relate to our community and social networks. Since Mercury rules Gemini, and Mercury is in Pisces sextiling Pluto and Jupiter, we know the answer right now is spiritual, and we need to understand how inherently connected we all are. We need to dig even deeper on our spiritual path to meet these extraordinary times with resilience, and the capacity to stay the course, despite the looming uncertainties.

At the time of this full moon in Libra, deep-thinker Mercury sextiles Jupiter and Pluto. While the conjunction of these two planets at this time indicates that the COVID-19 crisis is set to continue with its intensity, Mercury in Pisces making a sextile to these two planets asks us to unearth a spiritual understanding of what this crisis means on an individual level: How we are growing and whom we are becoming amid challenge and change? Cosmically speaking, activating a higher frequency of love—through prayer, ritual, gratitude, donations, or phone calls to loved ones—can help ease the period of change.

As the week goes on, Venus and Mars trine as both planets sextile Chiron, the wounded healer. This indicates that we begin to start to feel the healing vibes in more enormous proportions after the full moon in Libra. So take time for that cathartic cry or scream. Turn the music up and dance wildly. Give yourself space to process the pain, and then let love in. On Saturday, Mercury finally leaves Pisces, entering into Aries, when I, for one, believe we’ll see positive leadership changes in our handling of the COVID-19 crisis.

In times like these, it’s so important to remember we all are one, and we’ll get through this to the other side where we’ll find ample laughter, love, and in-person connection. In the meantime, cultivate your resilience and sense of hope so you can face life as is and do what you can to make it even slightly better.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women’s health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 

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