The first known iOS 14 bug undercuts a signature new feature

The first known iOS 14 bug undercuts a signature new feature
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iphone SE 2 back
iphone SE 2 back

Apple launched iOS 14 this week and it appears the first known bug is undermining one of the operating system’s most anticipated new features.

The ability to set default apps for certain activities, like browsing the web and opening email links, had long been requested by iPhone users, but it’s not working correctly in the first release.

Some users have taken to social media to complain that after choosing apps like Outlook for email and Chrome for web browsing, an iOS 14 reboot restores Apple’s stock apps – Mail and Safari.

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Day one bugs are common with iOS releases, but it’s not often we see something that negates one of the advertised launch features. This will likely require a small change to the code we imagine Apple will resolve with a quick iOS 14.0.1 update in the coming days.

The ability to set default mail and web browsing apps in the iOS and iPadOS settings eases a slight pain point. In iOS 13 users are shown a prompt for the available apps they could chose whenever tapping a link within another app, for example. This may only negate the need for one tap, but time is money baby.

So far, though, the iOS 14 launch appears to be a success with no major complains to report. There’s been no horror stories about bricked devices and crazy battery drain, as users rush to try out the new home screen widgets, improvements to Messages and much more.

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