The EU parliament in the time of corona

The EU parliament in the time of corona
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In February, one grocery store in Brussels was distributing a totally free beer of the brand name “Mort Subite” (“Sudden Death”) if you purchased 2 “Corona” beers. When we heard about it,

This triggered rather a laugh in the hemicycle.

  • Neumann (r) at an EU awards event in 2015 (Picture:

Numerous of us were stating “It’s just another flu”, cleaning our hands and following the circumstance in China with interest.

Well, it is more than simply an influenza and the #FlattenTheCurve graph was really prominent in describing that we, the healthy ones, bear fantastic duty.

Things took a various turn rapidly. The coronavirus spread in Italy and all of an abrupt, the European Parliament was in the middle of things.

How would our Italian colleagues get involved in the plenary session? What would take place if they blended with colleagues from other member states without corona break outs? What about our personnel taking a trip in crowded trains from Strasbourg to Brussels?

Whatever which has actually ended up being typical life, the European method of life, now presented a high threat. And the circumstance altered by the day.

On 5 March, the routine session in Strasbourg was verified. In the night, it was changed to Brussels. On 9 March, a one-day plenary without any votes was revealed, whatever else cancelled.

This likewise implied the end for one of my essential tasks this month – a resolution on the upcoming EU objective Irene implementing the arms embargo on Libya. the crisis had actually ended up being larger than our own programs.

Full of prepares for the next weeks – occasions, reports, journeys, releases – we were stuck to dealing with cancellation e-mails, watering plants, taking home what we may need, calling IT to make certain all of us might work from home, or leaving a voicemail that we might not have the ability to get the office phone for an unidentified duration oftime


In less than a week, the parliament went from full speed ahead with thousands of individuals on board to everybody being required to work fromhome If somebody had actually pulled the plug, it felt as.

Last Wednesday (10 March), we stated our bye-byes, not understanding when we would see each other once again.

I understood we need to keep a metre of range, however often I mistakenly hugged somebody. It is remarkably hard to avert close contact in times of psychological distress.

The parliament was in lockdown therefore was Brussels and all of Belgium. When I showed up in Berlin that very same day, things appeared to be almost typical: a bit less traffic at the airport, however routine conferences in the Bundestag, individuals in clubs, and soccer matches still arranged with the routine crowd.

I had actually simply hopped from one European city to another and it was a various world.

That altered on Friday. Schools and child care centers are closed in Germany now.

‘ Hamstering’

Individuals are “hamstering” (yes, there truly is a German term for purchasing whatever at the grocery store and equipping it at home), however I likewise see notes of uniformity turning up:”I am a moderator, so I have no work, can look after kids of those working in healthcare” Or: “We are young and healthy, if you need someone to do groceries for you, please leave a note in our letter box.” This is heartfelt.

The other day, I left for a “coastal-quarantine” with myfamily My in- laws live in the countryside with a substantial garden. The kids will like it better there than remaining in town. And I even have an office close by.

We now have phone conferences every early morning to collaborate our work, and often simply to talk. We continue dealing with our parliamentary reports and attempt to bring most activities to socialmedia


I share some of my quarantine experiences on Instagram and will move towards digital Q&A sessions to change the in- individual conferences that I miss out on a lot.

All parliamentary activities for next week have actually been cancelled. Following this, some committee conferences will take place from another location.

There has actually been no service for a remote vote in plenary, as of now. Our work requires to continue.

Assistance bundles and relief financing need to be voted inparliament We are battling hard to make certain that democratic decision- making continues. More than likely, I will take a trip to Brussels once again, in early April. Things are establishing by the day. I ‘d much better get utilized to it.

Brand-new life

A lot of my time entered into arranging this brand-new life in current days. I likewise carefully follow the circumstance in other places.

I have pals in Iran, where the infection is spreading out, and the health care system is weak. The war in Syria does not stop since of corona, nor do the crises in Libya and in other places.

If anything, the infection makes the circumstance even worse. I have colleagues reporting from the refugee camps in Greece, where all the preventive steps we are taking here are difficult to follow and individuals currently have an extremely weak immunesystem


And I see leaders of some countries neglecting clinical recommendations and extoling their capability to stand up to a pandemic.

Much of our fate in the coming weeks will depend upon our capability to listen to those who truly understand how to handle pandemics and on our capability as one world to act in uniformity.

We can all follow the preventive steps to secure the weak.

We can all do a little something to assist those working in health care or other vital tasks do their work.

We can all show uniformity with those who live in countries that have actually been struck hardest.

This is the something that this infection is teaching us: We are all linked in this world and seclusion just works to a specific degree. We need to show our uniformity with those who are the weakest, to conserve those who are closest to us.

Hannah Neumann is a German Green MEP who chairs a parliament delegation on relations with the Arab peninsula

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