The coolest smart home gyms to buy this year

The coolest smart home gyms to buy this year
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The coolest smart home gyms to buy this year

This year’s been quite motivational in terms of new smart home gym releases. On the one hand, we saw reputed fitness brands like Peloton come up with more versatile smart gym options such as the Peloton Bike+ and the Peloton Tread. On the other hand, we’ve seen new brands like JaxJox and CLIMBR launch smart home gyms that target your core workouts in an unconventional way.

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So, which ones should you buy? Comparatively, most of the smart home gyms are quite more expensive than your traditional workout gear. This is why we decided to round up the best options available for today’s digest. Spend wisely and get set to design the smart home gym of your dreams now.

Tonal Intelligent Fitness System

First up on our list of coolest smart home gyms is the Tonal Intelligent Fitness System. This workout gadget combines a home gym and a personal trainer through interactive video excises provided by machine learning.

Peloton Bike+ Home Exercise Bicycle

Give your workouts an upgrade with the Peloton Bike+ Home Exercise Bicycle. This exercise bike lets you access classes for yoga, cycling, stretching, meditation, and strength. And with the 23.8-inch HD rotating touchscreen, everything is easy to watch.

Peloton Tread Running Machine

Another of our coolest smart home gyms is the Peloton Tread Running Machine. This running machine helps you build both strength and cardio since it provides classes that incorporate weights. You’ll love the front-facing speakers and built-in soundbar for incredible audio.

JAXJOX InteractiveStudio Home Fitness Equipment

Keep all of your weights neat and tidy with the JAXJOX InteractiveStudio Home Fitness Equipment. This workout gear is the equivalent of six kettlebells, 15 dumbells, and up to 142 pounds of adjustable weights. It also comes with a cool 43-inch touchscreen that rotates horizontally and vertically.

CLMBR Connected Climbing Machine

The CLMBR Connected Climbing Machine keeps your body correctly aligned throughout your entire workout. When you use this climbing machine alongside the advanced companion app, you’ll be able to see just how high you’ve climbed and how close you;ve come to reaching your fitness goals. Plus, the large-format display connects you to classes and other users.

Garmin Tacx NEO 2T Smart Trainer

Improve your indoor training with the Garmin Tacx NEO 2T Smart Trainer. Another of our coolest smart home gyms, this intelligent trainer is realistic, nearly silent, and immerses you in your workout. It also gives you all the measurements you want, including power and cadence.

Hydrow Connected Rowing Machine

Join live classes with the Hydrow Connected Rowing Machine. Its built-in display lets you take courses from live instructors, access a recorded river 24/7, or row on tranquil rivers with the sounds of birds in the background. You can even combine your sessions with online yoga, stretching, resistance training, and more.

WalkingPad S1 Foldable WorkoutDevice 

Need a compact piece of workout equipment? Then you’ll want to consider the WalkingPad S1 Foldable Workout Device. It folds completely in half, meaning you can hide it under your bed or couch. It also stores vertically.

Tempo Studio AI Home Gym

Get an intense workout with another of our coolest smart home gyms, the Tempo Studio AI Home Gym. This intelligent gym comes with a barbell, two dumbells, a recover roll, multiple plates, and more.  You’ll love this AI-powered gym’s beautiful graphics and personalized workouts via your Tempo membership.

Nordic Track X32i Smart HD Touchscreen Treadmill

You’ll have a whole gym at home with the Nordic Track X32i Smart HD Touchscreen Treadmill. This treadmill includes all of your favorite classes through its interactive training touchscreen. You can even follow a specific training route on Google Maps.

MIRROR Interactive Home Gym

Make exercise easier to fit into your daily routine with the MIRROR Interactive Home Gym. This smart workout mirror delivers on-demand and real-time classes in several workout genres and your instructor can even give you tips during class.

We hope that this list of the coolest smart home gyms to buy this year has inspired you to take your at-home workouts a step further. Which of these gyms did you find the most interesting? Please send us a message to let us know!

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