The 5 best black sweatpants to elevate your comfortable stay-at-home look

The 5 best black sweatpants to elevate your comfortable stay-at-home look
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The one thing I really don’t miss about going to work is spending the day in clothing that’s appropriate for the workplace. No pants? No problem. Wearing sweats all day is an incredibly comfortable alternative to going completely bottomless, but with options in my closet lacking style, I recently went on the hunt for the best black sweatpants to make me look and feel like I’ve put in at least a little effort.

A tapered pair of black sweatpants gives you the best of both worlds. They’re comfortable enough to double as pajamas, but also feel make your whole stay-at-home look just a bit more elevated than a pair of baggy gray sweats. I’ve rounded up some of the best black sweatpants, according to out editors, because not all black sweatpants are created equal. Shop our favorites below.

The best black sweatpants you can buy

1. COS Relaxed Cotton Linen Trosures, $89

COS Relaxed Cotton Linen Trosures, best black sweatpants

The COS sweats are for professional ladies who want to class things up with a linen blend at home,” says beauty and fitness director Ali Finney. “If you ever ask someone with really great basics where they get their staples, it’s always COS because they’re like sweats with a little bit of a design edge.”

2. Sweaty Betty Garudasana Yoga Pants, $115

Sweaty Betty Garudasana Yoga Pants

Associate beauty and fitness Editor Zoe Weiner says these are her absolute favorite black sweatpants. “I’ve always been a leggings-over-sweatpants gal, but this pair of sweats is cute enough to convince me otherwise,” she says. “They’re so soft and stretchy that they feel like leggings (I’ve worn them to yoga and Pilates classes), but have a loose-fitting feel that makes them my go-to pick for days when tight pants just aren’t happening.”

3. Outdoor Voices The OV Track Pant, $85

Outdoor Voices The OV Track Pant, best black sweatpants

Finney says she likes these because they’re true joggers. “On days when the weather won’t make up its mind to decide if it’s spring or winter, they’re a happy medium that aren’t too hot or too cold,” she says. “I like that they taper and the material is breathable and kind of sporty.”

4. Aviator Nation Women’s Bolt Sweatpants, $129

Aviator Nation Women's Bolt Sweatpants

“What I love about my Aviator Nation sweats is that they’re incredibly cushy-soft,” says beauty and fitness editor Rachel Lapidos. “I got one size larger than my usual size in bottoms, so the fit is just big enough, with some slouch in the legs and a cinch at the ankle for a flattering but still sweatpants-silhouette style look. Plus, I’m just obsessed with the white lightning bolt accent on the side for some spice.”

5. Alo Propel Sweatpants, $118

Alo Propel Sweatpants, best black sweatpants

Kate Spies, SVP of growth and content, says she loves all of the sweats from Alo because “they have a flattering tapered cut, and usually have some texture or application to make them more interesting.” This pair is complete with minimal piping down the front, and a small zipper at the ankle.

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