Tesco Mobile 5G goes live – and there are some solid Galaxy S20 deals to be had

Tesco Mobile 5G goes live – and there are some solid Galaxy S20 deals to be had
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Tesco has finally launched its 5G network, and there some pretty compelling Galaxy S20 deals to be had.

The retailer launched its 5G plans today. It means customers can upgrade, or sign up to enjoy 5G connectivity in 24 cities around the UK for as little as £15 a month.

Live Tesco Mobile 5G locations include Belfast, Birmingham, Bradford, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Lisburn, Liverpool, London, Luton, Manchester, Newcastle, Northampton, Norwich, Nottingham, Sheffield, Slough and Stoke-on-Trent.

This puts coverage slightly behind some rivals. EE’s network will cover over 70 cities by the end of the month, by comparison.

The handsets on offer are limited to Samsung phones, but they include the company’s newly released Galaxy S20-line. The top package will nab you a shiny new Galaxy S20 Ultra with 5GB of data, and 5000 minutes and texts for £52.99 per month. You can grab the Galaxy S20 Plus and vanilla Galaxy S20 on the same plan for £48.99 and £38.49 per month respectively.

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You can save more money by opting for the older Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy A90 5G handsets, which Tesco is offering on £46.99 and £29.99 pay monthly packages. The deals get you the same data, calls and text allowance as the newer S20 offers.

If you happen to already own a 5G phone, which is unlikely, there are also a variety of SIM only deals. The cheapest gives you 5GB of data for £15 a month. If you’re after more data you can opt for 20GB, 50GB and 100GB packages. The top 100GB offers the best pound per gigabyte ratio and will set you back £30 per month.

The 5G packages are slightly cheaper than most competitors, but they don’t offer as much data, which will be an issue for power users.

5G is a new networking technology that launched in select areas of the UK last year. It aims to offer users significantly faster gigabit-per-second data speeds than the older 4G network. This lets users do things like download entire TV series in minutes and stream games over the cloud on services like Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now.

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