Tana Mongeau Gets Candid About Nearly Committing Suicide With Xanax And More In New Video About Her Mental Health!

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The YouTuber took to her channel to share a candid video in which she opened about her mental health, confessing that she’s been handling depression! Tana Mongeau has been through a lot in her career on social media, including a huge event fail in addition to some breakups and more other controversial situations.

That being stated, it’s not a surprise that she’s been deeply impacted mentally and psychologically.

She chose to inform her subscribers that it was so bad towards the end of last year that she’d reached a point where she no longer cared whether she.

That’s! Tana opened up about her suicidal thoughts, sharing with the world that she nearly took her own life using Xanax.

The YouTube video in which she informed all of this is titled: ‘Letting You In On The Truth About MTV, Depression [Plus] A Life Update.’

As the title suggests, she digs deeper into her mental health and tries to be honest about her life, consisting of the truth that last year was her worst ever when it comes to her frame of mind.

Obviously, on the outside, she looked better and more useful than ever!

After all, she got married to now-ex Jake Paul, and her online career took off, her subscriber count skyrocketing!

However, what she felt on the within was a various story, and Tana truly wanted her fans to understand that.

The purpose of the new video was also to describe the method she was shown on her reality show, MTV No Filter: Tana Mongeau.

Sure enough, she admitted to taking some worrisome amounts of Xanax while shooting that show.

‘I was taking enough to where I wasn’t attempting to kill myself; however, I didn’t care if I died. I think that by the end of 2019, I’d beaten myself up in every way possible, where I was not even a person. I simply wanted to die. I wanted to kill myself. I did not want to live. I knew if I didn’t change something, I was going to die. Whether it was from a drug overdose, exhaustion, or simply letting my suicidal thoughts get the best of me,’ she went on to say.

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