SpoonTEK taste-elevating spoon enhances the flavor of any food

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SpoonTEK Taste-Elevating Spoon

Heightening your taste, the SpoonTEK taste-elevating spoon will change the way you experience food. In fact, this utensil excites your taste buds and even improves aftertaste, too. And it works using your body along with two electrodes, one of which is on the bottom of the handle and the other is on the spoon’s bowl. So when you hold this taste-elevating spoon and put food in its bowl, a mild electric current runs through the SpoonTEK. While you won’t notice this microcurrent, your tongue sure will. Additionally, it’ll change the way your tongue sensory and perception works. When your tongue detects sweet, sour, bitter, savory, and salty flavors, the taste travels through your nervous system. Because of this, your brain determines your perception of the taste. With this mild electric current, SpoonTEK changes your brain’s perception of tastes, so everything you eat is amazing.

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