Spain prays to reach peak of pandemic this week

Spain prays to reach peak of pandemic this week
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This week Spain hopes it might see the longed-for ‘peak’ of the epidemic – in which brand-new cases are less than the day prior to – if the procedures taken up until now show to work in the battle versus the coronavirus.

Nevertheless, the nation signed up on Monday (23 March) the most dangerous day given that the break out began, with 462 brand-new casualties in 24 hours – bringing the overall to 33,089 cases of Covid-19 and 2,182 deaths.

“This is going to be a difficult week when we can reach the peak of the epidemic, but this would not mean the problem is solved,” cautioned the Spanish health minister, Salvador Illa.

Socialist prime minister Pedro Sánchez stated on Sunday that the number of detected cases would rise in the coming days “pushing capacities to the limit”.

“The worst is yet to come,” he added.

Similarly, Sánchez contacted the EU to launch a “Marshall Plan” to counter the unfavorable effect of the coronavirus in the bloc’s economy and the concept of “coronabonds” – financial obligation concerns that would assist to share out danger amongst member states.

“We need to coordinate a major Marshall Plan for the whole of the EU, and to begin the process of rebuilding that we are going to need to have in the social and economic areas when this is all over,” Sánchez stated in a national televised address.

Regional distinctions

Following the extension of the Italian lockdown, Sánchez revealed on Sunday that the federal government desires to extend the state of emergency situation for another 15 days – a decision which will be put to a vote on Wednesday.

If authorized, the lockdown will continue up until April 11.

The leader of the conservative Popular Party (PP), Pablo Casado, stated on Monday that his party would support the extension of the state of emergency situation – a position shared by a lot of political celebrations.

Nevertheless, Casado likewise backed the sealing of various areas to battle coronavirus, after local leaders made comparable demands to Sanchez’s federal government.

In reality, the coronavirus break out has not strike all areas similarly. While the most-affected areas have thousands of cases, some areas have less than 400 cases.

“We think that such measures must be looked at, as any measure which helps contain the spread of the epidemic is a positive,” stated Casado throughout an online interview.

“I prefer to be over-cautious. Anything that results in the protection of residents is a positive,” headded


Furthermore, Spain closed on Monday all airports and seaports for 30 days, with particular exceptions.

Worries of a collapse

On the other hand, Spanish health employees stated the medical facilities are currently not able to handle the number of clients of coronavirus.

In Madrid, where practically a 3rd of the nation’s cases have actually been reported, lots of coronavirus clients were proceeded Sunday to a field health center established at a conference centre with 5,500 health center beds for the seriously ill.

With about 1,800 people being dealt with in extensive care systems, there is installing issue about overcrowded medical facilities in the most-affected areas – Madrid, Catalonia and the Basque nation.

“If you only have one respirator, and you have to choose, we have to prioritise people with the greatest chance of survival. We haven’t reached that point yet, but we could get there and it will be very painful,” Gabriel Heras, a health employee in Madrid, informed Spanish paper El País.

“The system is not going to be able to take in all the cases that are coming in,” he added.

In addition, the federal government revealed on Sunday that about 640,000 screening packages will be dispersed amongst the Spanish areas – with concern for health employees and danger groups, such as senior citizens residing in homes and care houses.

Although the authorities stated on Saturday that 350,000 tests had actually currently been performed in overall -about 15,000 everyday – the absence of screening in Spain has actually been criticised by epidemiologists and health employees given that the start of the crisis.

Earlier this week, the federal government stated it has actually commissioned 6 million more tests to extend the medical diagnosis abilities of the nation.

Similarly, Spain is participating in the sped up joint procurement treatments, which are being collaborated by the European Commission to ensure an appropriate supply of protective equipment throughout member states.

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