Sony XBR A8H Series OLED TV has a high-powered processor

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Sony XBR A8H Series OLED TV

You’ll get a cinematic experience right in your living room with the Sony XBR A8H Series OLED TV.  This smart TV offers a superb picture quality thanks to its high-powered processor, the same one that powers Sony 8K TVs. So you’ll enjoy pure blacks, peak brightness, and accurate images. And with the Pixel Contrast Booster, both color and contrast are enhanced in bright scenes. Also, with the Acoustic Surface Audio, the screen acts as your speaker. This way, your video will never be out of sync with your sound. Speaking of sound, this TV comes with Dolby Atmos. What’s more, the A8H gives you easy access to your favorite content, services, and devices since you can control it via your Google Assistant. The Sony XBR A8H Series OLED TV makes quality home entertainment a breeze.

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