Six months ago the country rejected Marxism, we must stand against it

Six months ago the country rejected Marxism, we must stand against it
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With the healthy landslide and the winning of constituencies in Labour’s Red Wall the Conservative Party realised it was presented with a major opportunity. Most Conservatives understood that this was not a vote for neoliberal economics, but a vote for Brexit and not only Brexit. It was a vote for small-c conservative values and a patriotic government. It was an affirmation of support for national sovereignty on the one hand and an emphatic rejection by Labour’s old core vote of the Marxism of Jeremy Corbyn.

It is difficult to accuse the Government of squandering this opportunity after the impact upon our lives and the economy of COVID-19. To be fair to the Government it has continued to pursue its mandate to deliver Brexit, and it doesn’t seem to be about to roll over either to unpatriotic Remainers at home or the power-hungry EU abroad. Nonetheless, this Government has failed both morally and politically. It has failed in response to the biggest attack by the Hard Left on our nation and its values and institutions since the early 1980s. That attack is made on our streets and in our public spaces. It is an attack on our national symbols, on our belief in who we are as a nation and upon our economic system. It is even an attack (with some complicity from the head of the Metropolitan Police and the London Mayor) upon our rule of law.

This is not simply about a battle of narratives and creeping social liberalism that disconnected Labour voters from the metropolitan elite. It is now far more serious a threat.

Nick Timothy has written about how the Conservatives have allowed the parameters of debate to be set by New Labour recently. On this he is right, but he does not go far enough in his criticism or his diagnosis. This is not simply about a battle of narratives and creeping social liberalism that disconnected Labour voters from the metropolitan elite. It is now far more serious a threat. Social liberals and social conservatives alike tend to operate within the old Overton Window, where freedom of debate, the rule of law and an economy that is fundamentally market-based are the givens.

Without any democratic election, and without any real decision by our governing classes, that old Overton Window has been cast off and within a matter of weeks new parameters of debate have been forcefully set. We now operate in a world where national monuments can be removed at the demand of the mob or are even physically removed by that same mob. We live in a world where to question the relevance of the death of a foreign citizen 4,000 miles away, before the perpetrator has even been tried, to our own policing methods amounts to racism. Cambridge professors can openly declare that white lives do not matter, while to suggest white lives do, like black lives, matter can lead to you losing your job.

Now we can charitably interpret the apparently-craven response of this Conservative Government, with complete control of executive and legislature, as strategic. This is after all something of an unusual scenario with lockdown and people with time on their hands. Why not just keep our heads down and wait for things to return to normal? The problem is, to paraphrase Aristotle, that power abhors a vacuum. Without anyone passionately defending our culture and civilization from accusations of endemic and institutional racism, when people are all back at work and unable to pull down statues all day, the parameters of debate will already have changed.

There are key flaws in the BLM narrative and their stated goals are undoubtedly Marxist and anti-democratic. An attack on national symbols is an obvious tactic to demoralise the nation and take away the sense of national identity reclaimed by Brexit. It is the first step towards demanding politicians defund the police, reject the sacred principle of the rule of law, close prisons and reject our capitalist system. After failure to win power through the ballot box, the Hard Left has moved onto the streets and there it has found where the real power lies, as any Marxist Leninist could have told you.

For all Marxists, politics is not about bourgeois notions of due process, democracy and the rule of law. It is instead about raw power. Who has that power is all that matters, not how it is attained. If it cannot be achieved via a Corbyn-led Labour Party, then move out onto the streets.

In a mature democracy with the rule of law, achieving power in the streets with Venezuelan tactics, should not be a realistic proposition. It is only feasible because of the weakness and lack of moral courage of our political leadership. There is no Margaret Thatcher in Number 10 at the moment, to put it bluntly. After many years of New Labour, the institutions we rely upon – the legal system, academia and even the police are run by people with Left-leaning convictions at best, if not downright hostility to what Marxism would define as the power structures. Having slightly altered its description of the enemy from the bourgeoisie to the White Patriarchy, the Marxists have enlisted the support of immature and politically-naïve middle-class students. It has used niche resentments to turn various disparate groups against the values and customs that hold our society together.

We must stand firm against a Marxist movement using the street rather than the ballot box to achieve power. And it has already achieved power, with Boris Johnson just quietly sitting in Downing Street. Without any democratic mandate, names of public spaces, statues that symbolise our identity, are in the process of being renamed or removed. For a Marxist this is a key tactic of demoralising the opposition and setting the terms of debate.

What should and what could be done? Well, let us look at where this all started – the United States. President Trump (after already authorising the successful deployment of the National Guard) tweeted this week about sentences of ten years for vandalism of public statues. We need a firm and clear statement from our elected Government, which has a strong mandate to defend patriotic and conservative values, that we are not a racist country. We are proud of our history in eliminating slavery. We are proud of our identity and will not accept the slandering of our nation by the Marxists. Practically every legislative lever and executive power should be used to ensure maximum punishments for these Marxist vandals. Politicians should also have a lot to say about the problems in academia with Marxist brainwashing of the next generation who will be in powerful places and have no respect or awe for all that makes this country one of the greatest in the world.

If there is a Marxist takeover in this country it will be the responsibility of the enfeebled Conservative Party that has given way on almost every cultural battle and even runs its own selection procedures upon cultural Marxist “equalities” criteria. People voted for the Conservatives after generations of never voting Tory, because they are patriotic and wanted a Government that rolled back the tide of the cultural Marxist takeover of our main institutions. Instead the Government looks like a rabbit trapped in the headlights.

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