Samsung's mastered limited edition smartphones with the BTS Galaxy S20

Samsung's mastered limited edition smartphones with the BTS Galaxy S20
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Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy Buds Plus BTS Edition today and – despite not being much of a K-pop stan – I actually really like it. Here’s where.

Countless limited edition phones have hit shelves over the past few decades and, while the more unique ones certainly catch our attention, that doesn’t necessarily translate to success. Some look flashy but lack a loyal following, while others appeal to a certain fanbase but aren’t exactly practical to own (try pulling out your Samsung Matrix phone during a job interview).

Samsung has hit the nail on the head with this collaboration with the Galaxy S20 Plus BTS Edition sitting somewhere in between.

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On the surface, the limited edition smartphone just looks like the regular Galaxy S20 but in a pink-ish purple. Look closer and you’ll spot a tiny purple heart on the camera module and the K-pop group’s logo under the Samsung logo.

It’s subtle, but effective – unique enough that BTS fans could spot each other in the wild, yet inconspicuous enough that anyone could buy the phone without having to memorise the group’s wikipedia page in its entirety.

The phone is available in 5G and LTE variants and comes with pre-installed BTS-inspired themes and fan app Weverse, though I assume you can override these themes with more standard Samsung options. The phone also comes with decorative stickers for BTS fans looking to opt for a less subtle look, as well as photo cards of the group members for fans to keep. Though again, I’m sure non-fans keen on the purple S20 can just pass all of these extras on to the BTS enthusiasts in their lives.

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The Galaxy Buds Plus BTS Edition are similarly subtle with a look that doesn’t scream BTS unless you know what you’re looking for (or are peering uncomfortably close into a stranger’s ear canal).

The range isn’t too subtle for BTS Twitter either, with some users suggesting they might even abandon their iPhones for the limited edition S20 Plus. Considering a survey conducted by PCMag in 2019 found that 70% of US respondents aged 18-24 chose iOS over Android, targeting the largely young BTS fanbase could actually be an effective marketing strategy for Samsung right now.

All in all, this limited edition handset positions itself as a worthy upgrade for a range of shoppers from BTS stans to Galaxy users who just like the colour purple. It’s cute and distinctive without being over-the-top or gaudy, making it an excellent addition to the Galaxy S20 family. Now we just need to know how much it costs.

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