Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 2 stress test delivers good news and bad

Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 2 stress test delivers good news and bad
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Galaxy Fold 2

If you’re holding back on buying the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 because you’re worried about the durability issues that plagued the original, we have some good news.

JerryRigEverything is along with a new video test that shows Samsung has resolved some of the teething problems encountered with the first generation device.

For example, the hinge is now far better protected from dust, grit and the incursion of other unwanted particles. In the video test, Jerry subjected the open foldable phone to a shower of rocks and dust.

Unlike the original, the new £1,800 phone coped super-well and with the infraction, causing no damage to the hinge and without taking on any of the debris. If you remember, the first version of the device found that particularly problematic.

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That appears to be down to the brushes Samsung uses within the hinge, which were also deployed within the Galaxy Z Flip handset. Here’s the video, if you’re somewhat of a sadist and like watching expensive tech bring wilfully destroyed:

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news. The inner Infinity Flex screen still appears to be quite prone to scratches. Unfortunately, this just appears to be the nature of the beast at this point, the con to the pros of being able to fold your phone’s display in half.

The video does note an extra rubber screen protector that is pre-installed on to the Galaxy Fold 2’s inner screen, over the top of the permanent plastic protection that early reviewers accidentally removed last time around.

The Gorilla Glass Victus outer display does a good job of withstanding scratches. Given that the majority of phone screen scratches come from placing them in our pockets, so as long as you’re not doing anything silly with the handset (and don’t have really long fake nails) it should remain fairly pristine.

Overall, it appears Samsung has done a decent job curing the ills of the first-gen device and hopefully those seeking to jump aboard the foldable phone revolution can do so with a little more confidence.

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