Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 could lose a key feature from the S20 Ultra

Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 could lose a key feature from the S20 Ultra
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The S20 lacks the huge 100x zoom offered by the Ultra (pictured)

The rumoured Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will not carry the 100x zoom feature from the Galaxy S20 Ultra, according to a new leak. 

Reliable leaker Ice Universe Tweeted the information recently and it seemingly goes hand in hand with Samsung’s latest news too. The company announced an all-new camera sensor yesterday – that sensor seems likely to appear in the upcoming Note 20 series.

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So far, the reaction on social media and among Samsung users seems largely positive. While the 100x zoom function was interesting and attention grabbing, the quality of the fully zoomed-in images was not particularly high. As a result, the feature was left feeling slightly like a sales gimmick.

The new camera sensor, it seems, won’t pack the 100x zoom function, but Samsung says it will take its phone cameras “to a new level”.

The Isocell GN1 is a new 50-megapixel (MP) image sensor with large 1.2μm-sized pixels. It offers both Dual Pixel and Tetracell technologies.

The sensor makes use of larger pixel sizes to enhance images, alongside heightened light sensitivity and “DSLR-level auto-focus speeds”. According to Samsung this will make the sensor an impressive performer. We’re withholding our judgement until we can try it out for ourselves.

“With innovative pixel technologies, Samsung has been at the forefront of offering high-performance image sensors that closely cater to increasingly diversifying market needs. The Isocell GN1 is part of that commitment to deliver stunning images to consumers in any environment,” said Yongin Park, executive vice president of sensor business at Samsung Electronics. “We will continue to introduce image sensor solutions at the cutting-edge that will lead the next trends in mobile photography.”

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The sensor seems likely to appear in the Galaxy Note 20, but at present the phone is unconfirmed. Watch this space for more updates.


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