Samsung is bringing some awesome Galaxy 20 features to S10 and Note 10

Samsung is bringing some awesome Galaxy 20 features to S10 and Note 10
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Samsung has announced it is bringing several exclusive Galaxy S20 features to 2019’s Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 handsets.

In a post on the Samsung Newsroom blog, the firm revealed many of the advanced photo and video experiences enjoyed by S20 owners will trickle down to those rocking last year’s flagships.

Single Take, for example, which uses AI to capture multiple photos and videos at the same time, in order to ensure you can ‘stay in the moment’.

The Night Hyperlapse feature is coming to the S10 and Note 10 series also, which enables users to shoot hyperlapse videos in low-light conditions. Samsung is also bringing some overall improvements to Night Mode on the S10 too.

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The company is also adding the Custom Filter feature, which enables users top create their own filters with their own colours and styles. There’s also the Pro Video tools, which give users more granular control over settings like shutter speed, exposure and ISO.

Samsung is also adding the Clean View tool, which groups together similar shots, while a Quick Crop feature makes it easier to cut a snap without without delving too deeply.

Beyond the cameras, there’s now a number of new easy sharing capabilities. The Quick Share feature is akin to Apple’s AirDrop and makes it possible tp quickly share photos, videos and large files directly from the quick settings menu.

There’s also the neat Music Share feature that makes it possible to extend the Bluetooth connection to a friends speaker or car stereo without having to disconnect.

The updates are rolling out now, but might take a while to hit Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 phones depending on the territory and the carrier. Samsung has been pretty good about this sort of thing in recent years, so it’s good to see the firm keep up the tradition.

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