Samsung Galaxy S30 camera set to fix a huge Galaxy S20 Ultra issue

Samsung Galaxy S30 camera set to fix a huge Galaxy S20 Ultra issue
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The Samsung Galaxy S20 series finally gave us a camera from the Korean brand that could compete with the best camera phones, however that’s not to say it was perfect.

One notable issue we (and many others) noticed on the high-end Galaxy s20 Ultra was the disappointing auto-focus system, which would struggle to quickly lock on to targets when you got up close. Even with a few software updates, it’s still an issue to this day.

Now, according to Sammobile, it looks like Samsung might be switching things up for its 2021 flagship which is likely to either go by Samsung Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S30.

The report says the laser autofocus system could be ditched completely. It also states that the main camera might pack a mighty impressive 150-megapixel sensor, backed up by a 64-megapixel telephoto and 16-megapixel ultra wide. A 12-megapixel macro sensor – great for getting up close shots – is also rumoured. These high-end specs could be reserved for the Ultra model, if Samsung does indeed go down a similar path to the S20 series.

We’ve seen macro sensors on a few phones, the OnePlus 8 being the most recent, however they’re normally limited in terms of quality. Packing a pixel-packed 12-megapixel macro sensor should certainly improve this. Samsung has so far kept this sensor restricted to its more mid-range A series.

While we haven’t seen any 150-megapixel phones as of yet, we don’t expect to see the next major flagship from Samsung until early 2021 so there’s still plenty of time for these sensors to appear in the wild.

The same report goes on to say that OIS (optical image stabilisation) is also being considered for inclusion in a number of different ways. One device being tested packs the stabilisation tech on the main and telephoto sensors, while another has it on the main, ultra wide and telephoto.

With a long time to go until we expect to see the Galaxy S30 in the wild rumours like this should always be taken with a pinch of salt, even if Sammobile has had a good record with these sort of things in the past.

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