Samsung Galaxy S21 could be seriously fast – and the UK won't miss out

Samsung Galaxy S21 could be seriously fast – and the UK won't miss out
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UK fans of the Galaxy line have had a rough time of late, seemingly getting shafted by having to shell out for a lower quality device than those in the US. Thankfully, 2021 and the Galaxy S21 (or, maybe, the Galaxy S30) could see an exciting role-reversal.

The Exynos vs Snapdragon quandary has been an issue for US customers for some time but it felt more prominent than ever with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – with the Exynos version offering lower benchmarks and weaker battery life. Hope is now on the horizon in the form of the Exynos 1000 chip.

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The interesting news comes courtesy of new Geekbench scores posted over on a Korean forum (via GSMArena). The benchmarks featured results from a Galaxy S21 featuring a Snapdragon 875 chip and a Galaxy S21 featuring the expected next Exynos flagship chip – the Exynos 1000.

The posts didn’t share screenshots of the results and it is from a forum rather than a source of more solid reporting, so don’t take these results as red just yet. Nevertheless, they make for interesting reading.

The Exynos 1000-sporting Galaxy S21 achieved a single-core score of 1302 and a multi-core score of 4250 while the Snapdragon version came in at 1159 and 4090 respectively. If the benchmarks are legit then these will likely be pre-production models of the devices, meaning things could change.

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Regardless, the potential change is an exciting one for UK fans who have felt the current Exynos/Snapdragon model situation is unfair – especially when it comes to paying the same price for a lower performing phone.

While the benchmarks show off a more powerful Exynos chip, we don’t have any indication of how this will affect the battery life, which was a key issue with the Exynos Note 20 Ultra compared to the Snapdragon version.

We don’t know a whole lot about the Galaxy S21 just yet, with a reveal expected no earlier than February next year, but one rumour is regarding the S Pen. With the Note formula taking a new direction this past year, Samsung is reportedly considering the inclusion of an S Pen on the Galaxy S21 – in what would be a huge shakeup for the Galaxy line.

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