Samsung Galaxy S20 FE fan edition smartphone has a glimmering haze finish

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The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE fan edition smartphone comes in five stunning colors. Choose Cloud Navy, Cloud Red, Cloud Lavender, Cloud Mint, Cloud White, or Cloud Orange. And each of these colors has a haze finish that delicately reflects light for a warm, emotional quality. Furthermore, this hazy finish is comfortable, soft, smooth, and tactile. Moreover, with an entirely flat 6.5″ AMOLED display, you get a smartphone with Full HD resolution that still manages to be compact. The 32 MP front camera measures only 3.34 millimeters in diameter, but you still get great picture-taking abilities with its triple-lens camera that includes a 12 MP wide lens, a 12 MP ultrawide lens, and an eight-megapixel telephoto lens. Additionally, this Galaxy s20 Fan Edition smartphone boasts a 120 Hz refresh rate for incredibly smooth scrolling. Finally, with the latest 5G S20 chipset, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE speeds up your life.

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