Samsung Galaxy Note 20 benchmark leak gives away huge upgrade

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 benchmark leak gives away huge upgrade
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10

With the Samsung Galaxy S20 now on shelves, attention is already turning to Samsung’s next big flagship of the year – likely called the Galaxy Note 20. And we might have some early information on one key part of the phone.

While the Samsung Galaxy S20 is powered by the Snapdragon 865 (at least in regions like the USA), rumours have suggested the Galaxy Note 20+ will go one better and up that to the Snapdragon 865+. What’s very important to note is that this chipset hasn’t even been announced by Qualcomm, so the existence of it is very much a mystery.

This tip comes from IceUniverse, a Samsung leaker with a good record. In a tweet, which you can see below, it was claimed that the higher benchmark scores and larger cores meant that it was unlikely the phone would be powered by the current Snapdragon 865 chip.

The tweet refers to the Snapdragon 865+ powering the Galaxy Note 20+, likely the more specced-out version of the next Note series. Samsung tends to keep the same chipset across flagship ranges so it would make sense for it to power the Note 20 too. That is of course if Samsung decides to call it that. There’s always the chance we could see a Note 20 Ultra in the lineup.

We were initially expecting the 2019 Samsung flagship phones to come with an S11 moniker, however a few weeks before launch leaks pointed to a new naming convention. It would make a lot of sense for Samsung to continue this naming scheme with the next Note phone, rather than calling it the Note 11.

Samsung tends to reveal the Note range in August, meaning we’re a little early to be seeing heavy leaks yet. However it’s safe to assume that it’ll borrow a lot of features from the S20 range like the 120Hz display, focus on zooming within the camera and fast charging. Of course, as it’s a Note, it’ll likely also come with an S Pen stylus for jotting and doodling.

We’d doubt the UK model with pack the 865+ anyway, as we normally get Exynos chips powering our S-series range of phones.

As with any early leak, it’s best to take stuff like this with a hefty pinch of salt and of course, nothing has been officially released by Samsung. If you don’t want to wait until August, then the current Note 10 Plus is an excellent Android device to pick up. There’s also the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, which is one of the best Android phones you can buy right now.

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