Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite: News, rumours and the latest leaks

Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite: News, rumours and the latest leaks
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Samsung Galaxy Fold
Galaxy Fold

If you’ve had you eye on the Samsung Galaxy Fold, but don’t like the hefty price tag, then the rumoured Galaxy Fold Lite may be the phone you’ve been waiting for. Here are all the rumours we’ve heard any so far.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the rumour mill is in full swing. Trusted Reviews has collected some of the more credible leaks and rumours here, alongside all the info you need.

Galaxy Fold Lite release date

We’ll have to wait a little longer to get our hands on a Galaxy Fold Lite, according to The Korea Herald. Reports suggest the foldable could be on the way in 2021, with a Galaxy Fold 2 and a 5G Galaxy Z Flip projected to land first – in August, alongside the Galaxy Note 20 series.

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Galaxy Fold Lite price

The original Fold came with a huge price tag, setting buyers back £1900. So, it would make sense for Samsung to release a cheaper more accessible version.

There was a premium attached to the original Fold because, after all, it was one of the pioneering foldable mobile devices. Now, the folding screen technology is a little less new and shiny, and we could see prices take a nose-dive as a result.

Now, unconfirmed reports out of South Korea are suggesting that a Fold Lite could be coming out, with a price tag in the region of $900 (via Sammobile).

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Galaxy Fold Lite design

In terms of design, we’re not expecting a huge departure from the original Samsung Galaxy Fold. A huge re-design would only add overheads to the process of producing the new phone – eating into its real selling point, the lower price.

Galaxy Fold Lite specs

There is only so much cost-cutting Samsung will be able to do when it comes to manufacturing the devices foldable screen. That is always bound to be expensive. Where we may see the knock-on effects of the new, lower price, is in the phone’s specs.

Of course, any ‘Lite’ version is bound to be a little less powerful than the original flagship version. However, in the case of a Fold Lite, this could be particularly the case.

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