Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 are even better value with new S20 feature drop

Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 are even better value with new S20 feature drop
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Samsung Galaxy A51

Samsung has announced an update for the popular Galaxy A51 and A71 Android phones, which adds some features from the flagship Galaxy S20 series.

The best-selling mid-range handsets now have some of the popular camera features and sharing options, while adding more keyboard and gallery features.

Let’s start with the camera features, because that’s where the story is here. In a blog post, Samsung says it is adding ‘leading S20 features’ including the popular single take mode.

The company explains: “Single Take takes the burden of choosing a camera mode out of your hands by recording with several camera modes simultaneously. Just by tapping record with the Single Take feature, users can capture up to ten seconds of footage with a wide range of capture modes, including Live Focus, Smart Crop, video and AI filter. Users can then revisit the clips in the Gallery app and choose which capture style they like the best.”

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Elsewhere Galaxy A51 and A71 users will be able to enjoy advanced features like manual focus and shutter speed control, both of which trickle down from the Galaxy S20 series.

There’s also the low-light Night Hyperlapse feature, while the My Filters tool makes it possible for users to create filters based upon images they’ve already taken. Samsung is also boosting the Gallery app with a Clean View tool that will “group up to 100 images shot consecutively into one bundle for easy viewing.”

Moving on, the sharing capabilities are boosted by the addition of the Quick Share and Music Share features. The former will quickly scan for nearby users, enabling rapid sharing of content, while Music Share will assist connectivity with a fellow user’s Bluetooth music speaker, directly from their smartphones.

Elsewhere, users typing within the search bar in the app tray can now access a universal search mode, which will yield predicted results for Apps, Settings, Quick Panel and Contacts search results as they type. The keyboard is also getting a quick translation tool, which enables a target language to be selected with a quick double-fingered swipe of the keyboard.

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