Safari could offer automatic language translation in iOS 14

Safari could offer automatic language translation in iOS 14
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Apple is giving its Safari browser a major facelift in iOS 14, including the addition of a built-in page translator, according to a new report.

Based on an early build of the operating system accessed by 9to5Mac, the company’s default browser will be able to translate entire pages without the need for a third-party service.

The site says automatic translations will be available, which suggests that when visiting a page published in a different language, Safari will ensure it is presented in your chosen tongue.

Further still, it’ll reportedly be possible to switch between the original and translated version of the page without refreshing it.

However, Safari may only be the beginning, with Apple planning on offering the translation services throughout the operating system, including on the App Store. Reviews written in another language will be translated, for example, the report says.

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The report says all of the translation will take place offline, ensuring users won’t need to be connected to the internet in order to view the page in their native language.

As well as the translation feature, the company may also add full Apple Pencil support for Safari, which means users will be able to use the mark-up tools. The report comes amid rumours Apple may also begin offering the Apple Pencil in black.

That’s according to a Twitter leak from the below account holder who isn’t known to us. According to MacRumors, the source has been on the money when it comes to Apple hardware leaks in the past, so it’ll be interesting to see if and when this comes to fruition.

9to5Mac has published a number of iOS 14 leaks in recent weeks, from the leaked early build of the operating system. It’s unclear whether all of these features will make it into the final version of the OS, due to be announced at the online WWDC 2020 later this month.

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