RUN-UP performance audio headband keeps you aware of your surroundings

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RUN-UP Performance Audio Headband

The RUN-UP performance audio headband solves multiple problems with headphones. It ensures you can hear both your music and your surroundings, which is incredibly important when you’re working out outside. It won’t slip off your head when you’re exercising, while headphones can slide and earbuds can fall out. However, this active headband maintains a super secure fit that can handle your movements. An audio headband with a brand-new design, it boasts open-ear audio to keep you safe outside. Offering Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, this sweatproof athletic headband produces rich, deep sound and also has a dual microphone system. So you’re sure to be heard clearly. Whether you’re running, playing soccer, or cycling, this performance audio headband keeps the beats going. Offering up to five hours of battery life, the RUN-UP will be with you throughout your whole workout.

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