RIP iPhone 8 – the most boring iPhone ever?

RIP iPhone 8 – the most boring iPhone ever?
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With the launch of the new iPhone SE 2 Apple has understandably retired its oldest handsets still on sale – the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

The 2017 models had remained available as Apple’s most affordable iPhones until today, but were immediately discontinued when Apple announced the 2020 iPhone SE.

It’s hardly a surprise. The iPhone SE 2020 offers an identical design to the iPhone 8, but with the innards of an iPhone 11 – including the A13 processor – and an updated camera array.

At $449, the iPhone 8 is also more expensive than the $399 Apple is selling the new iPhone SE at ($399).

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However, the iPhone 8’s journey to the glue factory does leave a bit of a hole for those who would have purchased the larger iPhone 8 Plus, which benefitted from a dual camera array SE does not have. Those buyers will probably look to the iPhone XR from now to get their fix of larger-screened, affordable devices.

Overall, the iPhone 8 was probably the most unloved and unappreciated of all iPhone releases in history. Launched alongside the iPhone X in 2017, it was practically an afterthought, with all the attention on the loss of the home button and addition of the Face ID sensor array and dreaded notch.

It arrived a month or two before the iPhone X arrived, and it seems that sales of the device were particularly sluggish as a result.

It wasn’t difficult to see why. The design of the iPhone 8 stayed in line with the previous year’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and was very much an ‘s’ release without the naming convention.

It did add a glass back and was the first iPhone to offer wireless charging and a new gold colour, but apart from that there was nothing to write home about. Anyway, so long, iPhone 8. We’re not really that bothered that you’re gone.

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