Ring Always Home Cam security drone flies around your property’s perimeter

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Ring Always Home Cam Security Drone

What’s better than a home security camera that stays put? The Ring Always Home Cam security drone, which patrols your entire property. In its design, this security cam is actually a Ring camera mounted on an autonomous drone. The great part about this security drone is that it can move about and record images around your home. In effect, this autonomous camera replaces multiple outdoor cams that you might mount in different spots on your house. When you have it set to Away mode, the Ring Always Home Cam will fly around when something triggers its sensors. In that case, you can watch its recordings live through the Ring app. Made with collision-avoidant technology, it can reach tight spaces without hitting anything. Plus, it flies only on predetermined paths—even when you’re controlling it. Finally, to ease privacy concerns, it hums loudly while flying to people around it know it’s recording.

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