ReliefCare Digital Forehead Thermometer has memory recall of 25 readings

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ReliefCare Digital Forehead Thermometer

The ReliefCare Digital Forehead Thermometer works for anyone of any age, though it’s especially useful for infants. Providing a consistent and accurate temperature, it also has room for memory recall of up to 25 readings. So you don’t have to remember how long your baby has had a fever—this infrared thermometer will tell you. Conveniently, it works on both foreheads and ears, and it offers both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature readings. Additionally, it boasts a clear, easy-to-read backlit display so you can tell the temperature even in the dark. The green backlit display shows normal temperature, and the yellow backlight represents a mild fever—both of which come with one long beep. However, you’ll see a red-backlit display and hear six short beeps if the person has a high fever. This foolproof digital forehead thermometer is so easy to use and will help your family stay apprised of your health.

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