Razer Leviathan desktop Bluetooth soundbar gives you realistic sound

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Razer Leviathan desktop Bluetooth soundbar

Hear the explosive sound of gunfire as if it were right next to you with the Razer Leviathan desktop Bluetooth soundbar. This PC soundbar brings the audio of the gaming world to life. This is all thanks to its powerful downward-firing subwoofer, 2 x 2.5-inch full-range drivers, and 2 x 0.74-inch tweeters. Furthermore, the Razer Leviathan features surround sound technology. Therefore, you can hear all the details around you whether you’re exploring a new world or trying to dominate this one. Best of all, this soundbar comes with Bluetooth aptX technology. This lets you connect to your devices wirelessly. Finally, you’ll love the single speaker design since you can place it directly under your monitor. This way, you can experience a fantastic sound without any extra clutter on your desk.

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