Razer Kishi iOS gaming controller gives you console-level control

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Razer Kishi iOS gaming controller

You’ll get the same level of gaming control on your iPhone as you do on your console with the Razer Kishi iOS gaming controller. This mobile device features clickable analog thumbsticks that steady your aim and deliver tactile feedback. It features face and bumper buttons and a D-pad for additional inputs. Also, the Razer Kishi iOS gaming controller has a flexible design. This means you can stretch and clamp it onto most phones, giving you a secure fit that won’t come loose while you play. Additionally, you’ll get smooth, seamless control thanks to the direct connection on your device’s charging port. What’s more, when your phone starts to run low on juice, you can even pass-through charge it via your Razer Kishi. This way, you won’t have to miss a second of play. You’ll get a mobile gaming experience like no other with this universal iOS gaming controller.

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