Rasheeda Frost Warns Fans: ‘Flatten The Curve, Not The Economy’

Rasheeda Frost Warns Fans: ‘Flatten The Curve, Not The Economy’
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Rasheeda Frost is considering the United States’ services nowadays. The coronavirus is striking all the countries all over the world, and it’s impacting economies.

Have a look at the video that Rasheeda shared in order to raise awareness about the topic.

‘Now, this caught my attention. For anyone who has a small business, you should listen to this! But this is something everyone should hear. I couldn’ t concur more!!! This is not an economic crisis; however a Great Anxiety is on the verge of how we will make it? #2020 #coronavirus,’ Rasheeda captioned her post.

Somebody stated: ‘Fox News is BS Canada is giving citizens $2500 a month. Republicans only about their rich friends.’

A fan posted: ‘that’ s the problem bell out for big corporations it’s not actually about us it’s business America, and the Democrats saw it for what it was! Everybody simply hears money and not thinking about the after impact.’

One commenter stated: ‘Wow. You caught a good clip. What he is saying is 100% accurate. However, I’m amazed he’s talking like this on FoxNews. That type of talk is normally versus the Republicans’ program. I wonder what he stated prior to and after this.’

A backer posted this: ‘Everybody gonna feel it people gotta think celebrities get paid from common people like us who supports them buy their music go to concerts buy their clothes if nobody has money they will feel it it will be a domino effect everybody right now is on edge it doesn’t matter who u are how much money u have a girl.’

Somebody else stated: ‘Caught mine too. We just have to keep our country, the people, and all businesses in our prayers. I wouldn’ t desire anybody to be homeless or lose their business. We need to be prayer Warriors.’

Rasheeda herself is attempting to keep her business going nowadays, and she’s working from home.

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