Quilt Beacon ad-hoc mesh network sends broadcast messages

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Quilt Beacon ad-hoc mesh network

If you’re in an unfortunate situation where the Internet has failed and telecom services have been cut off, you’ll need a device that can keep you connected to the outside world. Fortunately, the Quilt Beacon ad-hoc mesh network can help broadcast messages in these times of need. The device can also send distress signals, public service announcements, and obtain crucial information. This ad-hoc mesh network device uses the Quilt app to operate these benefits. In fact, it relies on multiple phones to build its own network. Once you’ve installed the app, it’ll alert you when there’s something that needs your attention. This includes a storm, earthquake, fire, or more. Its network will pass on the message to everyone connected to the device, helping everyone to keep safe. It’ll even make suggestions for a nearby safe location.

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