Qualcomm unveils cheap 5G chip, perfect for the Google Pixel 4a

Qualcomm unveils cheap 5G chip, perfect for the Google Pixel 4a
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Qualcomm has announced the launch of an affordable 5G chipset for smartphones – and Google’s next budget device would be a perfect fit.

Tech manufacturing giant Qualcomm has unveiled its latest mobile chip, the Snapdragon 768G. It boasts 5G connectivity across all frequency bands, along with improvements such as an enhanced CPU clock speed (up to 2.8GHz), and a 15% performance improvement on the GPU. Qualcomm is particularly keen to trumpet the effects on these improvements when it comes to AI (“sophisticated and seamless… without excessive battery drain”) and mobile gaming (“life-like gaming experiences and leading performance per unit power”).

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Kedar Kondap, Qualcomm’s vice president of product management, said:

“We are uniquely positioned to accelerate 5G commercialization at scale and Snapdragon 768G is an example of how we’re continuing to deliver solutions to address the needs of our OEM customers. Our expanding portfolio has the potential to make 5G accessible to billions of smartphone users around the world.”

While this is true, the chip is the direct successor to the Snapdragon 765G chip that was featured on phones including the Motorola Edge, which also boasted 5G. So this new development seems to be more of a refinement than a gamechanger.

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This new phone could be a great fit for ones of the most highly anticipated upcoming mid-range smartphones: the Google Pixel 4a – even though it’ll unlikely make its way onto that phone as we’re expecting a launch anytime now.

The Pixel 4a is the successor to the Google Pixel 3a, which we rated very highly especially for its camera performance, though we found it lacking for some processing power. The Snapdragon 768G would be likely to solve that problem, along with introducing 5G connectivity to Google’s own range of handsets for the first time, surely making the new device a highly-sought after piece of kit. If it’s to rival Apple’s iPhone SE 2, then it surely will have to introduce some major new upgrades such as this.

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