QBUX urban farming gadget grows in completely dark places

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QBUX Urban Farming Gadget

With the QBUX urban farming gadget, you can grow almost anything. In fact, this device incorporates self-watering and grow-light technologies to let your greens flourish. The two high-quality, multi-spectrum grow lights work in conjunction with two adjustable, corrosion-resistant arms so you don’t even need the sun. Manage the LED grow lights with the wired controller that adjusts between three different intensities. And it has a timer that you can set to two, four, or eight hours. It delivers all the necessary wavelengths through LEDs, ensuring your plants grow. This uniquely designed planter draws its inspiration from a 4,000-year-old self-watering design and can go up to 10 days without water. But it’s pretty modern, as it pulls its power from a USB port. With this urban farming gadget, you won’t risk improperly watering your plants. No matter how busy you are, you can grow fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers at home.

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