Proximars Painting Collection robot-made art creatively combines human and tech designs

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Proximars Painting Collection Robot Made Art

You gotta love what robots can do, and now they can make art! The Proximars Painting Collection robot-made art is a limited-edition series that results from an interaction between an artist, No Curves, and a robot. Using innovative art and design technology, this limited-edition collection consists of unique paintings that come in three primary styles. Select Andy_Bot Blue, Andy_Bot Orange, or Andy_Bot Green. Additionally, completely made in Italy, these contemporary paintings reimagine art and design. In fact, this robotic art comes in two size options—choose 75 by 60 centimeters or 100 by 75 centimeters. Furthermore, crafted through collaborative efforts, this robot-made art is stunningly precise. That’s thanks to the accuracy of the robotic arm that helps create them. The human artist, No Curves, works well with the robot artist, Primus, to create tactile paintings with thick acrylic lines and tape.

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